24-year-old writer living in Cardiff
In love with the world and everything in it

Read, follow, say hello.





  1. Hi good to meet you thanks for stopping by and liking my posts enough to follow me.I wish you well with your writing. Like you I feel it is so worthwhile to write. Be well and happy.

  2. HI Fabulousy Flissy! Thank you for stopping at my page and following me. It is getting when I read those creations of those that follow me is nearly depressing. YOu are so very good that I seem to let the cats write my content (THEY TRY! What is it with cats and keyboards?) and submit. So much talent that looks at me, I feel small in comparison to some of the great talents that are looking at me. But thank you for following, reading and being part of my wee entourage. It feels good.

    1. I’m pleased I made a smile. I have a few stories published. I have published parts of a much larger novel I am editing (currently chapter 39 of 70-something. I keep splitting chapters. heh.) I have so many drafts from editing, I have lost count on what is published and what is draft. I have two and a half pages of total posts, half of which are published. Maybe less than half. I am going to have to organize my index. XD
      (Horace Greeley the cat says to say “Thanks for your support” when I read to him your comment– he wants his own blog I think)

  3. thank you for stopping by my blog…and, for your “follow”—I am now “following you!” I find it so energizing to read the poetry of others…and is awe-inspiring. I agree with your words: “To write is to tear at your insides and spill them onto a page.
    To lay bare the most intimate part of yourself…” so true! Sometimes I find fear creeping inside of me because of how much I reveal of myself on paper—and want to retreat—but something moves me forward….Blessings on YOU and your writing!

  4. Kindness isn’t necessary. You should be telling people to keep their raving to a minimum, as they sing praises. I went through your site, loved it.

    All the very best, Miss. A pleasure to have found your blog.

  5. Thank you so much for your comment on my “Logistics” poem. I’ve just read your moving short story, listened to “Clair de Lune”, and am now in tears. I’m going to have to follow your blog!

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